Our Tick Guard Pricing

Up To 1/2 Acre
/ Per Service
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1/2 To 1 Acre
/ Per Service
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1 To 1.25 Acres
/ Per Service
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1.25 And Up
/ Per Service
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Our Tick Guard Service Includes 5 Treatments (Early Spring, Late Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer & Fall)

Tick Guard

Flea & Tick Control

Not only are fleas and ticks unsightly, but they can pose dangerous health risks to both humans and animals. In addition, they can make you and your pets uncomfortable and cause itching. Protect your home and your family from outdoor fleas and ticks with Lawn Buddies outdoor pest control services.

Outdoor Flea & Tick Spraying Service


Keep your family and pets healthy by keeping pests outside of your home.  And even better… Keep all those chemicals outside of your home too with Lawn Buddies.  


Families have been trusting Lawn Buddies to rid their homes of fleas and ticks for years. Our experienced staff takes pride in helping our customers by delivering a fast and effective way to remove fleas and ticks.

Our pest control solutions are scientifically-tested and proven to be both safe and effective. You can breathe easy knowing that your home has been treated by the expert staff at Lawn Buddies.

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